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Neno Valentino – Boosie Juice

Boosie Juice

Juan Velázquez – A History Within My Hands

This production is a complete experience. The music alone inspires waves of emotion, but the visually compelling images speak between the lines. I am drawn into the life of the artist with such empathy. As a writer, I understand that some pieces are alive and moving inside the mind of the artist until they are set free to live a life of their own. It was magical to watch this process in A History Within My Hands.  Thank you, Juan, for bringing me with you and Gerado on this composition journey.

Juan Velázquez:

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Twizm Whyte Piece – Wake Up Wake Up, Official Video

Of all the important people and things that brush past me in the course of my fortunate life, the one thing that ails me; for which I can find no peace or comfort, is the state of our beloved home, Earth. She is alive and she is dying. The first time I heard this song, I cried like a baby. I felt less alone in my panicked worry for the future my children will inherit. I watched the images Twizm chose for this video with a sense of awe, and immediately recognized this remarkable young man as a profound spiritualist of sorts. He emphatically feels the pain and confusion swirling around us. Then I got to know him. I am stunned by his wisdom and his unwavering purpose…his mission to save us from our human-ness. He doesn’t use religion or a single course; he chooses to open our minds with be power of music and the profundity of words. This young man is a devoted husband and father of five. He is walking this path-human with us, but just a few steps ahead. Twiz baby, thank you for the gift of your music. I’m following YOU into the future.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/twizmwhytepiece

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/officialtwizmwhytepiece


Blak King Folk – Any Day Can Be the Day

Throughout human history, the story tellers were the real holders of power. Without them, the kings had no gods and the people had no kings. Jacquay Hosey , a fierce warrior of life, is a story-teller. He has the mind and soul of a Sage. Listen to his inner voice in this powerful new release and watch the Philosopher take center stage:

Blak King Folk – Playas Ball

My first taste of Playas Ball is dreamy, smooth R&B that melts like butter on my soul. The R&B sizzles into rap and I’m diggin the beat.  This cat’s voice is rich with sex-appeal and makes me wanna purrrr up to something. There are several tracks of fine synth orchestral sounds blended into a cacophony of soulful music.  But I’m on my third listen and I’m seeing the depth of this man. He is not a singer, rapper; entertainer…This man is a philosopher. By definition, philosophy is the pursuit of truth, and it doesn’t get any more real than this. He is painting a clear and vivid image of modern life; the allure, the pitfalls and the sheer and utter joy of living. I am a true-blue, bona fide FAN. You guys will be hearing more from me on this talented Truth-Sayer.

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He’s about to make his mark!









Leo Leo Band – When It Comes to You (Weird Fishes, Radio Head cover)

You know that feeling when you slip on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for a while and find a $20 in the pocket? I met a new friend today who slipped me a 20 and ten years from now it’ll be worth a mint. I’m sticking it in my pocket, but I gotta share this with you first. I’m watching the live studio version of When It Comes to You -Weird Fishes (Radio Head cover,) performed by Leo Leo Band; Vanessa Wheeler, vocals and Sarah Hope, percussionist, (although Sarah is on the mixing board this round.) I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this plentiful band of two. Wheeler is beautiful on her baby pink Fender playing powder blue rock and her voice is smooth like coarse silk. The lyrics read like a note to self after a drive by love gone wrong; “I been talkin bad to myself/But nuthin ever made much difference” but I feel shiver of sister power by the end and we learned our lesson. It’s a great song, well put together with really nice turns and lifts and I need an album full of these chicas. This band of two carries the full sound of an army of musical goddesses. More please…

(Thanks for the intro Mam @stokedsag71)



Chet AtKins – I Still Can’t Say Goodbye

By now you all understand that guitar is a part of my DNA and my life paradigm. There are some guitarists like T-Bone Walker, David Gilmore and Shawn Lane who speak a language that only my inner being understands yet, on which my body and mind thrive. One man stands above all the others for me. His versatile musical skills traverse ages of time and many genre of music. Of all the amazing works that he left us, there is one piece that brings me to my spiritual knees…in joy and sorrow. Please enjoy this timeless work of the incomparable Chet Atkins:

(Thank you Jan Hammer)

My Silent Bravery

I’m listening to My Silent Bravery, FOREVER for the first time. My first impression is Bright Eyes all grown up and commercialized. Then something gentle and a little Beach Boys falls like a warm blanket on the sand at my feet.  His voice is clean with just a hint of sexy vibrato. If you listen carefully, there are some really talented strings in the background.  What is that? a Mandolin? I love the layers.

The tune is easy and smooth and the beat has just enough life. “How long can this planet spin.” Well you know he got me on that line.

Wily Bo Walker, featuring Danny Flam and Teddy Charles – You Don’t Know What Love Is

If you read my music bio, Xandra and Music?, then you know I was raised on the voices that eventually became rock; the beginning of it all. Blues and jazz were the very first sounds infused into my brain as I was being formed; before I was even born. As a civilization, blues saved our suffering souls; our modern musical renaissance.

I am a HUGE fan of Wily Bo Walker and I thought I’d heard everything he’s done. But I just heard a song that stopped me in my life-tracks. I’m on the 4th play of it. This song is home to me.  Wily Bo Walker, Danny Flam and Teddy Charles have captured a disembodied spirit in a song. This song is a life all its own. You Don’t Know What Love Is exemplifies the rich texture of a style of music whose evolution was as vital to the existence of humans as thumbs. Blues gave birth to a movement that set free the torment all artists have been chasing since the first cave drawing. All the pain we artists hide away in our fragile minds drips out on to ivory keys , seeps down steel strings and bleeds into steel microphones in every note and syllable of good blues. This song is a masterpiece. Bo is being channeled by the spirit of this incredible song and not for a split second can you separate the man from the suffering. Every brass note, every brush and beat of the drums…every single piece of soul that passes over strings, reeds and keys are cells of one collective vibration of Blues’ victory joined with the chilling voice of Wily Bo Walker and you can lay me to rest right here with them. This is the one. I Die.

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Wily Bo Walker – When the Angels Call You Home

I have died and gone home to that seedy Parisian cafe reserved for me and mine. The sexy gravel in Wily Bo Walker’s voice makes me knees wobble. A little Tom Waits, a bit of Leonard Cohen and a whole lot of mmmm mmmm yeah baby (swoon). There is some really fine music going on here but with the smoldering back vocals of Kareña K (sexy sax goddess) in the mix, this song is to DIE for. At least you know where you can find me on the other side!

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Ali Jacko – You Are the Reason

The video opens to a stunningly gorgeous little girl writing a sweet note to her daddy for Father’s Day; a lovely tune playing softly in the background. A little cheesy, but this kid’s adorable, so I can’t look away. Enter Jacko, “You are the light, you are the hope,” still a little gooey, but the accent and the man are charming. Go on.  “..the reason I never give up…” and then I hear this incredible, tiny little guitar lick in the distance. I am listening.

I was a fan of Ali Jacko, the fighter. This guy is a machine; he’s brutal in the ring. But, I look up and see this fierce warrior, this lethal fighter, and there’s an Angel by his side. The contrast of that moment was pivotal to the song, for me. Jacko isn’t trying to be a Mozart with the composition of this song, nor is he imposing some ego-driven aspiration to become a superstar; he’s already done that. Jacko has music in him. This ferocious destroyer has a found something beautiful to give to us that completes our experience of the whole man. He is bringing sheer joy to the world for the sake of giving it. Our past images of his brutality, (albeit, incredibly masterful delivery of fantastic beatings,) melt away when you see the sincere connection between this lovely man and his daughters and hear the sweet song he sings to them.

Okay, you got me. From this Word Warrior to my new friend Jacko, the Song-Brawler: Respect. I’d love to see him turn loose the gravel edge I hear in his voice and deliver some hard core rock; bring his two worlds together, but for now- I am smiling: Nicely done, Jacko.

Watch the video below, then do the right thing and follow this guy!






music pic
Ali Jacko

Always featured: my beautiful son, Vantage:


Facebook: WhoIsVantage


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