Poet Jam 4/22/18

In this day, social media is our (poets) Montmartre. We sit at our screens like tiny cafe tables smoking our smoke, drinkin our wine and sharing our love, our lives, our pain. You find the most remarkable collaborations if you look for them in random streams of comments below posts. This one was fucking awesome. […]

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The Pillow

The room is hollow My breath is breaking me My Master has gone away Only The Pillow The sun has found its way in My eyes are bleeding My Master has not returned The Pillow whispers The bed hasn’t moved me My mind wants to leave me My Master is thinking me The Pillow growls […]

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Gypsy Sings

Beneath the greatest works The Masterpieces lie The ones too profound Too deep for crying   This work is painted butterfly But the canvas does deceive A gypsy moth lives beneath Muted, dull and brown.   So what of moth there dying Decaying by the brilliance Of Butterfly wings painted peaceful And a life without […]

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