This is an ongoing conversation. A place to have genuine dialogue about the planet we live on and how the hell we’re going to survive the mess we’ve made of it. Let’s talk about this stuff. It’s not just about climate change anymore. We humans are the climate about to be changed. Saving the planet, taking the steps necessary to save Her life, is going to take its toll on humans. When the sustainability plans kick in (SDG’s,) 100 million more souls will fall into abject poverty. This page is a place for creative minds to find creative solutions. Bring your Art, your Music, your T-shirts and homemade soap! Global Entrepreneurialism is about CREATIVE solutions. There are over 7 billion of WE average people, and very few of the THEM. THEY are the tyrannical, number driven corporations whose employees are objects and whose short minded consumerism has nearly destroyed the planet. And THEY are the policy makers who sit at the top of very large piles of gold and munitions and send the children of we little people over borders they invented and call on them to forfeit their lives in order to defend the privilege of THEIR power. It’s time to re-envision our Human contributions here as co-earthlings with all the other life forms. Imagine our power as a collective. We must realise how much easier it is to flourish and prosper when we lock arms and share our brands as fellow earthlings.

Almost all of us can come up with a dollar or a few cents fairly easily, and when you put those many little dollars in one place that is buying and sharing POWER. Support your local, but make friends around the world. Co-Brand, Brand Share, cross brand your social media networks and share advertising expenses. Re-think Re-purpose. If it’s a product you are making, consider the material the product is made from. Is there an industry that discards that material as waste? Think how much they would save by allowing you to haul it away. Mosaic Artwork from broken glass and mirrors, herb tincture bottles from the thousands of little glass syrup bottles Cracker Barrel throws away, furniture and bird houses from construction waste, even whole lines of glassware from one bar’s wasted spirit bottles. The sky’s the limit. Think BIG and let me know how I can help.

WE are a Global Community and technology has made our world a neighborhood. Roll up your sleeves, break out the sketch pad and collaborate. If you go to my website BoutiqueXandra.com you will see these principles in action. Bestselling author Paul Hollis as brand partners? And how!

Things are about to get grim for the little guys. WE need each other. WE need to realise our collective power. So, make a friend and collaborate to make some money! Then, above all, make each other smile- bring us music to dance to and show us that ONE thing you can do that no other human has conceived. You have spent your entire life creating a human being that has never existed before. Now that you are you, do what you do! Most importantly, let’s get some Tit Jiggling laughter going on! My favorite saying, (which, I said in a dream) is Tits to the Wind! Buy me a glass of wine and I’ll tell you the whole hilarious dream.

WE can do this, my loves!

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