One of Our Own

I’m pretty consistent with the messages I share. Such as; take care of the 10 feet of dirt around you and the earthlings within your reach to protect; and, let’s build a bridge of humanity over invisible borders and outmoded “isms.” My loves, there are 7 billion of us average people, struggling just to survive and only a few hundred thousand who rule us. We MUST find the power in WE. On that note, walking the talk, I want you to meet one of us. This beautiful young man, (26 and yes girls, single) wishes for nothing more than to live the life he feels is calling him. This is Sugeetansh Utkarshh and I am honored to count him among my friends. I would like you to know him better so that you may see the beautiful earthling we have in common.

In our conversation I expressed a fondness for cannabis. He sent me this video to show me the noxious weeds in his garden. (I’m laughing) They take cannabis as offerings to the gods. I envy the gods and Sugee’s back yard. He doesn’t like the high so doesn’t partake. I think I’ll offer to weed for him.


I am so sad to know that there are parts of the USA headed for what he sees everyday outside his home. I can only hope that we rise to this challenge and are as compassionate as he and his mother:


World Bank estimates that Climate Change alone will send 100 million souls into abject poverty. That means, we Americans who have enough money to survive for 2 weeks, are fucked. We will be called upon to give what we can to starving children, as our friend Sugee does every day:


And what about those gods? The words and the warnings are no different than the Christian dogma: Love one another, be tolerant, don’t hurt each other, forgive and above all…LOVE. This is a bit of his life:





Now that you know what a beautiful young man he is, please FRIEND & FOLLOW Suggeetansh and lock arms with ONE more #EndangeredEarthling. (And if you’re a single young woman, he has my SEAL of approval!)

Sugeetansh Utkarshh

Sugeetansh Utkarshh on Facebook

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