Poet Jam 4/22/18

In this day, social media is our (poets) Montmartre. We sit at our screens like tiny cafe tables smoking our smoke, drinkin our wine and sharing our love, our lives, our pain. You find the most remarkable collaborations if you look for them in random streams of comments below posts. This one was fucking awesome. Thanks Vane Lesar…better than sex.

Facebook Poet Jam 4/22/18 between Vane Lesar & XandraXandra (a poetry collab)

VL Easy easy the black sad raven mourns through the night. All he wants is to find his way to you my Love

XX The Raven and the Faery Queen lay down upon the sky and it rains life

VL The fire wolf swings his black blade you disappeared in endless shade My Love

XX Follow the twinkling of souls in my wake as they light your way home to me

VL Easy easy there”s no real meaning without you in my arms. All i want is to live my life with you My Love

XX Life only exists because we love. We are the fire of all light, ever to burn rivers of love as our epitaph

VL Together…forever My Love

XX…and ever

VL And you the burning thorn in my spine. My heartache the tear in my eye. I can’t believe my own mind cuz blood red last twitch of his dying hand. Final grin stains of gore I’ve got no more tears. Gone for years infested by my hidden fears. As i see my life sear. Oh god what happened to me. Looks like nothing is real I need some love to steal. I need a new dose of will. I reach out for god as my pain’s draggin me down

XX There is no down, there is no blood to run without your love to burn it red and there is no pain, only the movement of love into life

VL I swore I’d never let myself down. Funny how life twists around. I’ve just locked single left down and reached the point of no return I left my soul to burn learned that. THERE”S NO POINT WHEN THE ONLY THING LEFT IS PAIN! And you forever buried inside, THERE”S NO POINT WHEN THE ONLY PATH LEFT IS DEATH My Love

XX  Death is not a path, it is surrender. My god would never give up on me. He would fight his way through hell to remain my brave and valiant warrior for the light

VL  Ugly truth broken youth. Said goodbye beauty just died. Worthless shit throat to slit. Broken… my head trips a hole in the sky My Love

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