Neno Valentino – Boosie Juice

My little brother Neno Valentino is but a glimmer in the eye of the glorious Dirty Gert before me. My little boy is all grown up and beautiful. Before the song even starts I’m drawn in. Great cinematography, he’s completely natural in front of the camera. Then my boy Neno steps up. From the first note to the last, the first lyric to the next and all the beats in between, this is a quality production and a feckin awesome song. I absolutely love the infusion of youth, life and all the things we leave behind too soon. I also love that my boosie boys didn’t drive. They’re gonna wake up hatin life for a few, but that’s the beauty of youth. They’ll shake it off and do it all over again. Gawd blessum.

My Neno, I’m so proud to know you. You’re a hell of an artist, lil brah.




Neno Valentino on:





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