Force Blue Team

My darlings, if you are here then I know you are concerned about the state or our planetjim-ritterhof-fbt and our future as a species.  My social media campaigns demonstrate every day what I consider to be the most important issues we are facing and their solutions. So here, I try to focus on our fellow Endangered Earthlings who are making a positive impact and actually saving the world in one way or another. (Art is medicine for the human soul, I consider it necessary for our survival.) On that note, please meet Director of my beloved FORCE BLUE Team – Jim Ritterhoff. This vital non-profit organization is a team of exquisitely trained SOP Combat Veterans whose mission now is  Coral Reef Preservation and Protection.

Mission Blue (Sylvia Earle, National Geographic) endorses them and says it best: “Giving warriors a cause, Giving a cause its warriors.” If you follow me on social media, you see me posting daily about the fact that WWF is estimating that 2/3 of the world’s wildlife will be GONE by the year 2020. This terrifying reality is accompanied by the fact that our ocean (the planet’s circulatory system) is also dying. There are more than 700 DEAD zones of the ocean; up to 70,000 square feet. If we don’t take DRASTIC measures right now, make tremendous changes in the way we humans live, there is no hope for the species HUMAN either.

I have never seen a more effective band of Eco-Warriors than FORCE BLUE Team, whose potential for exacting CHANGE could save us all. But in addition to their crusade, they have found new life for combat veterans who often return to their normal lives feeling a sense of disconnect from the world around them. The carry an average front before them but the inner warrior never sleeps; that “other person” the soldier iD whose most effective skills move in opposition to societal norms of daily living. This organization places those skills back into action, for the greater good, toward a magnificent life-giving end, not life-ending

Please, my loves, please visit the website and CONTRIBUTE in any way you can to this VITAL team of Earth Paladins. ( If you can’t spare a dollar, then LIKE their Facebook page, FOLLOW them on Twitter, rally your friends to SUPPORT them and above all, SEND ME YOUR VETERANS. I need the help of my Vet Brothers to do what I do best and that is AWARENESS, Fund Raising and Networking.

I am honored to know Jim Ritterhoff, a phenomenal #EndangeredEarthling and look forward to a long and vibrant campaign of cooperation between our networks. If you aren’t already with me, find me on Twitter and or Facebook and WATCH for posts about FORCE BLUE Team. SHARE SHARE SHARE!

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