My Silent Bravery

I’m glad I heard the song before I read this kid’s bio. He’s humble and sweet and the names dropped in the first couple of paragraphs alone, would have given me a different image of this gentle cat. He gets rave reviews by Billboard and the second song on his fourth LP, Diamond from coal, debuted in the Top 40 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Best-Sellers chart. I read on to see that the album was produced by Anthony Resta (Collective Soul, Guster, Shawn Mullins) and Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Augustana)

Let’s listen to ON MY SIDE:

“One by one” the sharp corners reveal themselves.  “I hope my children will remember what I’m like.” Hmm. There is more to this kid than meets the eye. From my perspective, ON MY SIDE has depth and meaningful lyrics;   it’s a nice smooth ride. But the big boys and girls of music said it better. The song was runner up for “Song of the Year” in the Songwriting competition.

Now, I’m listening to My Silent Bravery, FOREVER for the first time. My immediate impression is Bright Eyes all grown up and commercialized. Then something gentle and a little Beach Boys falls like a warm blanket on the sand at my feet.  His voice is clean with just a hint of sexy vibrato. If you listen carefully, there are some talented strings in the background.  What is that? a Mandolin? I love the layers. The tune is easy and smooth and the beat has just enough life. “How long can this planet spin.” Well you know he got me on that line.

I was intrigued by the fact that this next song, TO GIVE, featuring Jewish American reggae vocalist Matisyahu, was nominated at the Independent Music Awards 2013 for best Social Action Song, so I’m headed in to listen…

This is usually where I would take you with me but you have to listen to me burble first. If you’re here on my page, then you know that my father was a war casualty. PEACE means everything to me. Don’t get me wrong. I am a pacifist, just don’t f#ck with the weak in front of me or I will leave my ranks to behave in a manner purely IRISH-American, the Western Frontier days. But, it is my hope that our struggling race will find moments of peace to offer my children. I have just listened to TO GIVE and here’s what it felt like.

This is like the freaking poster child/anthem for every do the right thing campaign that ever thought of existing. If you wind up a musical Teddy Bear and set it in the middle of a riot or battle field, the sound can’t be heard. Angry feet driven by fear and the will to survive will smash it to the ground. But when the battle is over, if the sound lingers, those left alive will follow it through the pink mist of death toward Peace. This sweet song has a place here.  I sincerely hope that wherever you are; there is peace enough to hear it.

Now I see the big picture…the whole heart of this brave soul who is singing love songs to a dying planet.  This is not a poet, a singer…nor is this man a musician. He is a warrior. His weapon is LOVE, his message is PEACE and in the depths of my sarcasm and in my deepest syndical ramblings, this young man brought me JOY. Well done, brave warrior. I’m passing it on.

DRUNK OFF THE SUN is a light, breezy tune full of the sheer joy of a white-boy playin reggae. It makes me feel good to listen and fortunate to have met the boy.  My Silent Bravery has all the right stuff for fun in the sun on our Human-sick little rock of a planet.  We need more Vibe medicine. Keep it comin MY SILENT BRAVERY, babe.

Now, my loves, do the right thing and Follow, Like, Subscribe and BUY HIM!








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