Endangered Earthling

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It hasn’t been very long since the planet sneezed and humans oozed out. Now we’re all running around, spilling shit, annihilating species too kind or slow to defend themselves and spewing out greenhouse gases like we own the place.
I am not proud to be one of us. Every day, I am not proud.
We have HUGE problems going on here. In fact, they are SO huge that most people just don’t have the emotional energy to even think about it at the end of the day. But, my darling dears; the time has come. We have to look at it. All the gore and guilt and horrifying truth of this whole mess. We have to look at the mess we made and we MUST talk about it.
Way back in 2006, I was partner in a new construction consulting firm that gave builders a sustainable alternative to outmoded construction methods and appliances. We sold GREEN. It was while I was writing the commercial for our Spokesman, Adrian Cronauer, (Good Morning Vietnam,) that I uncovered that absolute terrifying reality of our dying planet. Things like, major cities all over the world have RUN out of water and been forced to pipe it in from other cities and states. Like; human activities cause LITERALLY DOZENS of species to go extinct every day http://bit.ly/1pCHYFf (Center for Biological Diversity). Like: The ocean is DYING; there are 405 patches of ocean that are lifeless because of human factors. The largest is 70,000 square miles. http://1.usa.gov/1pCIOSi (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) And how bad does something have to be, like CLIMATE CHANGE, for the Pope AND the Dali Lama to place a single topic at the top of the list of what all humans should be concerned about.
There is so much more happening to this incredible Biosphere that was gracious enough to allow us to exist, but if all of that isn’t bad enough, (so bad that most of us can’t bear to think about it…) if that wasn’t bad enough, the solutions to all of the big problems are going to destroy the global economy.
Well, my loves, that brings me to the purpose for my self-indulging, bubbling rant of a blog…WE CAN DO THIS. You know how I know? I know that no matter what color your skin is, what version of the invisible man in the sky theory you stand on; no matter how drunk you get on a Wednesday night…if you tripped and fell in front of me, I would do all I could to help you up. If your child looks hungry, I will feed her, and I KNOW that if I trip and fall, you, my friend, will help me up. So, listen, WE CAN DO THIS. The most remote villages in the most obscure countries know somebody with a smartphone. Most social media platforms have instant translators. There is something called crowdfunding. If you put those things together, that means that no matter where you are, if you need help, all you have to do is ask and I will give you what I can. My favorite professor, Rabi Milton Richman said, “9 could be fakers, 1 could be real; you don’t know the difference. If they ask, they need it.” (I miss that man, may he rest in peace.) I may only be able to give you 50 cents a month, but by the time these solutions go into effect, third world countries will be in such dire straits that 50 American cents will buy rice.
Look, there are a whole bunch of us, average people who care about other average people and I am absolutely certain that the only way to survive the tumultuous transitions about to befall every nation who moves into the state of emergency around the corner, is if world citizen reaches out to world citizen. We can do this. And then, what will happen when some policy maker says, “Pick up a gun and shoot that stranger,” but there are no strangers left…just friends and neighbors: When the policy makers are forced to listen to the citizens and the Change Makers, (Alyssa Jade of Blyss Chocolate is a good example: http://bit.ly/22atI4q) ANYTHING is possible. All it takes is one hand out, and one hand pulling. But. We MUST look at it. We MUST talk about it. This is as good a place as any.

4 thoughts on “Endangered Earthling

  1. Beautifully and eloquently written. I write about some of this dark mess too, but I believe, as you do, that with enough pulling together without judgment, we can change the course we’re on. I’m not perfect and need to change some of what I do and how I live. Together we can teach; together we can learn. Blessing to you.

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